Slogans 4 Gym bros

Live it. Love it. Squat it.

When nature calls… Just squat.

I squatted 300lb so you don’t have too.

I took a squat. How about you?

Either squat or get out the gym.

U squat? I squat. Let’s go 4 a squat.

I knocked on your bedroom door. But you weren’t there. I hope you don’t mind but I took a squat on your floor.

There’s room in my heart 4 another squat.

How’s my squatting?

Eat. Sleep. Squat. Repeat.

I can’t believe u ain’t squatting!

How many squats have you seen?

Once I squat. I’m squat 4 life.

Gym bro diet: You eat it then squat it.

I wanna squat, man.

U ain’t gym, bro. Until you hit it squattin’.

She’ll love you 4 your money but fuck u 4 your squatting.

If you gonna hit it, then squat it.

Keep it real. Take a squat.

Squat 4 life.

I took a good hard squat. I became a man.

U ain’t squat until you squat.