Abortion Slogans

Imagine if Planned Parenthood advertsed their services using some of these…

1) If you don’t want your future daughter to be a miserable failure with ten cats get an abortion.

2) Imagine if your child grew up to be the next Andrea dworkin? Don’t worry. Visit Planned Parenthood.

3) Violence against girls is bad. But its OK when we do it.

4) The girls of the future are concerned about future male violence and male oppression but you can help solve it today thanks to Planned Parenthood. It only 5 minutes.

5) If its good enough for china. Its good enough for us.

6) Thought killing females was horrible? We did too until we went to Planned Parenthood. Now we can’t stop laughing.

7) Nothing says failure like being a feminist. Help prevent future cruelty to women by visiting us at Planned Parenthood.

8) Too many oppressed women? Planned Parenthood. Every little helps.

9) Brought you by population control advocates.

10) All the talented women of Hollywood support us. Why don’t you?

11) Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt… Your bank balance, that is.

12) If the baby’s white. Are you gonna raise a racist? Visit Planned Parenthood.

13) Babies are yesterday’s fashion trend. Abortion is today’s.

14) First abortion is free on us. After that, white males have to pay through higher taxes. Why wait?

15) If it doesn’t live yet. Why not Kill it?1

16) Everybody’s doing it. Why be left out? Get abortion today.

17) Buy one. Abort one for free.

18) If its cheaper to get rid off it now why go through with pregnancy?19

19) Keeping up with the Hitlers.

20) One death is a tragedy. Sixty million unborn deaths don’t count.

21) 3 Minutes to get knocked up. 5 Minutes to undo it. Simples.

22) Giving birth? Should’ve got to Planned Parenthood.

23) No safe sexual protection? Tell that to Planned Parenthood.

24) Want foolproof pregnancy prevention? That’ll be Planned Parenthood.

25) Babies are an STD. Protect yourself with Planned Parenthood.

26) Childbirth is hard. Abortion is easy. Visit Planned Parenthood.

27) Made a bad error of judgement? Visit Planned Parenthod.

28) Mistakes can be erased. Ask Planned Parenthood.

29) Decisions in life can be difficult. Planned Parenthood can make it easier.