Male Suicide: How Western Men Came to Have No Hope Besides Death

Suicide is largely the result of a perceived sense of failure. E.g. “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody loves me” etc. As a result of the perceived failure men either end their lives or turn to self-destructive behaviours (drugs, alcohol, gambling) in order to either cope with guilt from false sense of failure or as a desperate get rich-quick scheme.

Both have disastrous consequences. Society lies to Men and Boys through our growing obsession with endless material possessions and achieving non-stop popularity with our groups we admire. Its driven by pure Vanity and Greed (Human Nature) and exploited by everyone from Governments, Business, Entertainment Industry and Advertising etc.
They sell us a false ideal that men should aspire too whilst making sure, directly or indirectly, that the average man can never reach it. So that allows them to sell us more useless junk to keep the system going. After all what drives modern Western Capitalism? Consumerism. Non-stop consumerism propelled and propped up by various forms of debt.

We, as men, falsely see our happiness and fulfilment in terms of material wealth that allows us to gain acceptance from more powerful men and have better chances with women. Its females who in turn, help re-enforce the message that our basic worth is judged by outwardly appearance of materialistic possessions.

Advertising has us chasing Designer goods, electronics, products and brands that do nothing to actually makes us happy or give us fulfilment. Our happiness and joy in buying more useless junk we don’t need or have any use for besides signalling to others how much better we are than them is wholly false and deceptive.

Are we really happy with the latest gadget or gizmo? Do we really get any sense of true joy from plunging ourselves, individually and nationally, into debt for the hottest fashion brands worn by the latest (talentless) celebrity? Do we find genuine fulfilment in working every hour god sends to scrape enough cash together to purchase the fastest car or a bigger house to stuff with ever more useless junk we’re convinced we need, but don’t?

Male suicide as an epidemic is only recent in modern times largely confined to Western nations or those most influenced by Western ‘values’ and ‘ideals.’ Prior to Sixties pop-psychology (That created and championed the whole concept of ‘careers’) which gained wide mainstream acceptance thanks to the collapse of biblical morality and replaced with the worship of the New Gods of Science and Technology.

Jobs were largely seen as work. Something to do to earn an upkeep. They were done out of duty and honour to themselves, women and society as whole. The whole dictum, “The Devil makes work for idle thumbs” was the basis for our culture centred around traditional values and based on biblical morality.

What changed? How did it happen? America—and the whole world—was in the midst of a moral crisis. The world crisis had already started prior to World War I. Only most of the peoples of the world were not yet aware of it. But men like Karl Marx and Nikolai Lenin knew. This world crisis resulted from the impact of science and technology—and the injection of godless ‘German rationalism’ into education. World wars are the military expression of that crisis. Worldwide depressions are the economic expression. The so-called New Morality is the moral expression—plummeting morals into the cesspool. Universal desperation is the spiritual expression. This has spawned the beatniks and the hippies—the riots—the marches—the ‘civil disobedience’—the breakdown of law and order.

Consumerism for the sake of consumerism. The new mantra for our spiritual attainment that our Godless Culture had spawned following the collapse of Christianity. Pop-psychology created and promoted the new idea of finding fulfilment in the workplace. Jobs become careers. They became a never-ending ‘meandering’ search for fulfilment outside traditional concepts of family, home and religion.

Duty, honour, obligation and responsibility to friends, family and nation became outdated and considered passé. That lead to the rise of feminism and other Marxist-inspired movements who seized on the growing discontent among the youth and chattering classes by promising a sense of belonging and fulfilment in a global ‘revolution’ that would solve all our problems.

This why Communism is so popular among the youth and educated middle-classes. It replaces what tradition and religion once occupied. The loss of attachment to our own history and decline of national pride and patriotism lead to a feeling of being isolated from our own sense of time and place.

How can we feel we belong to any ethnic group or nation or the ideals it promotes and encourages if we have no sense of pride or knowledge of how it came about? If we’re not rooted in our past then how can we expect to feel anchored in our present? By cutting us off from our past and failing to appreciate our history we lose our sense of national identity and belonging.

We no longer feel any duty or honour towards anyone who doesn’t share our own narrow-minded, selfish driven vanity worldview. With consumerism failing to provide happiness or contentment as our families fall apart further breaking any natural bonds we would have otherwise have to national, religious or racial identity. We instead find ourselves ever more frustrated and ever more lacking genuine unfulfillment. So we look to false teachers and prophets of political movements and ideologies to give us that sense of community and belonging that family and tradition no longer occupies in our hearts. We allow ourselves to be wilfully deceived into thinking that politics and culture can give us that sense of purpose or meaning that religion once supplied.

But nope. We end up falling into will worship. Our new form of idolatry are the silicon-chip Gods of Science and Technology. Our new Prophets and teachers are Politicians, Business Leaders and Hollywood Celebrities. We treat their every word as the new gospel. We follow their advice and suggestions as if they’re the new ten commandments.
They promise us heaven in the form of the latest utopian fantasy based on whatever political ideal happens to be trendy. We allow ourselves to be deceived by our own sense of righteousness (becoming self-righteous) and in turn condemn others for similar or other transgressions we are also guilty of. That allows us to be manipulated, controlled and deceived because we believe in nothing of substance. The concept of Absolute truth dies an undignified death and replaced by moral-relativism.

All in all we are kept in a self-perpetuating state of constant misery, unhappiness, frustration, despair and unfulfillment. We cannot escape because we are stuck in a permeant, never-ending present. So our only solution, as men, is to turn to either suicide or self-destruction to numb our minds to the emptiness we feel or become just another faceless cog in a seemingly benevolent corporate machine that turns us Beasts of Burden with increasingly unsatisfying rewards, benefits and incentives.

Real Reason Why Women Hate D1ck pics

We all know women hate receiving unsolicited pix of dix. Ever wondered why in general women don’t like looking at male genitals the way men do with women? Ever wondered why women tend to see upper male body (pecs, abs etc) as being more attractive, turn on than the lower body?

The TRUTH will surprise you but also make perfect sense.

Men like joking that our ‘naughty bits‘ are like trouser snakes or just snakes in general when discuss size, etc am I right?

*drum roll*

BIG MISTAKE!! Don’t you see, men? That’s why women HATE DICKS!! It leaves them traumatised because of that basic fact. It’s what turns women into Lesbians or transgender individuals. Get it? Understand it? Know where I’m coming from, fellas?

Penises are a reminder to women of that fatal night in the garden of Eden. Oh yes. Women suffer from PTSD as a result of having flashbacks to their original mother Eve. Do you understand now? This is why so many women are depressed and mentally unstable. They are surrounded by objects everywhere that taunt them about their own devastating mistake on that tragic night in Eden.

Women become Lesbians in order to escape looking at serpent style objects that penetrate them. This internal fear that ALL women have has been passed down through their genes right through history. It’s a never-ending, all consuming fear that the serpent will kill and devour their offspring as a result of their OWN SIN.

Male genitalia is typical stand-in, as far as women’s crazed, paranoid minds are concerned which is why they hate looking at pictures of it or why they don’t find it attractive or a turn on (it’s a nightmare for them). As well as why women will for all eternity live in fear of rape (being attacked again by the serpent and consumed by it).


When you flaunt your ‘naughty bits‘ around women falsely thinking they’re turn on or are attracted to it. THINK AGAIN.

YOU ARE PUTTING WOMEN THROUGH IMMENSE TRAUMA. You are reminding them of their own past mistake in the garden of Eden. They are scared that your penis is the serpent that tricked them into sin.

Don’t be surprised if after whipping out ‘the meat and two veg.’ Women over-react in an uncontrolled state of panic and anxiety. Don’t be shocked if they try to kick or punch your crotch screaming, “NOOOOOO! STOP COMING AFTER ME SERPENT!! Have you not caused enough damage yet for my sin?

If they drop to their knees sobbing, crying non-stop before praying, “Why GOD, why? Why do you allow the Serpent to taunt me so much?” You now know why.

This is why women need therapy a lot. This is why women go to the bathroom in groups. (Extra protection from potential serpent lookalikes lurking about.)