Hollywood Nitpicking

I know what every Actress in Hollywood is like in bed. Asleep.

If you think you’re having a miserable day try being married to a Hollywood Actress.

America’s greatest president was Bill Paxton. That guy saved the entire country from Alien Invasion. My second choice would be Morgan Freeman. The first Black President to save America from an Asteroid.

In Hollywood movie reviews and press releases nobody bothers to mention the screenwriters name unless they screwed up.

What do you call an actress without a brain? Normal.

Am I saying Actresses don’t have any brains at all? I’m saying they don’t have the capacity for it.

I don’t know why anyone would want to date an Actress. 99% of them are mentally unstable and the other 1% are so messed up they’re not worth bothering with.

Hollywood is fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, sex and wreckless behaviour. Or am I thinking of the music industry?

If women want to win more awards and roles in Film and Entertainment industries maybe they should consider developing some actual talent besides whining.

Acting is hard. But acting like acting is hard, is easy.

When I was growing up male characters in movies were muscle bound guys that went round shooting people and blowing stuff up. Nowadays they just sit around crying and talking about their feelings.

Today’s superheroes are weak babies. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s over-emotional man. His super-powers include being sensitive to others people’s feelings and crying.