Mister Men get all sexist, init.

Feminists like to complain that the Mr. Men series of books are sexist. I don’t know why. You have a great load of cool characters for boys and girls of all ages. There’s Mr. Engineer, Mr. Scientist, Mr. Smart for the boys and for the girls you have Little Miss shut-your-mouth. What’s sexist about that?

I wrote my own story for the Mr. Men books. It goes like this — Mr. Brainy was having a very complex and intriguing discussion with Mr. Scientist about the origins of the universe. When Little Miss know-it-all came bursting into the room. She said, “Anything men can do women can do better.” Mr. Brainy stroked his chin for a second or two and then replied, “Are you friends with Little Miss shut-your mouth? You should.

Ultimate Mister Men story for the kiddies…

One evening Mr. Sexist was getting ready to go out to dinner. When he heard a loud scream coming from upstairs. Without hesitation he rushed up to find out what the commotion was all about. He saw his wife, Mrs. Sexist in the bedroom standing in front of the mirror in her new evening dress screaming her head off. “Oh my god! Oh my god!” She repeated over and over.

Mr. Sexist was puzzled. “What’s ever the matter, darling?

Mrs. Sexist looked at her husband. “Does my butt look big in this?

Mr. Sexist shook his head unable to contain his disgust at such an overblown reaction from his wife. “Bloody women.” Mrs. sexist started sobbing. Her tears were uncontrollable in the face of such a misogynistic slur. Mrs. Sexist was getting ever more over-emotional as she stood there crying her little heart out.

Mr. Sexist suspected she was having her period or some other women problem that he didn’t understand. Mrs. Sexist cried out, “Do you love me? Please tell me you love me unconditionally and that my backside doesn’t look too big and ghastly.

Mr. Sexist chuckled to himself. Then smiled and gave his wife a big hug and a kiss. “Of course, I love you unconditionally,” He said. “Your the most perfect woman in the world.” Mrs. Sexist stopped crying and jumped up and down for joy. “Now,” Mr. Sexist said. “Get your fat-big-old ass in the car. I’m taking you out for dinner!

Starved of Female Affection…

My dream is for women to love me the way they love other men. I wish women would adore me the way the do those other men. If only I could make them pay me some attention, give me my much needed female affection. Even if I am only able to obtain it for just ONE LOUSY DAY. That would make me a very happy man. I lie in bed at night waiting for that moment where at least one female on this planet decides to pay me some attention and to give me some much needed affection. For I have been starved my entire life of female love.

I toss and turn in my bed at night. Praying to those gods that have delivered this curse by which I suffer from a lack of female affection. Denied my entire life by a starvation of female attention. I don’t know why I am no longer able to get any satisfaction from a life that given me no access to female attention.

I see those other men. I envy those other men. They are never short of female attention. They bask in female love, admiration. They boast of the female affection. Never ending access to female sex and idolisation. How I envy those men. How I wish I could be those men. I hope and I pray that maybe I too will enjoy those same satisfactions. Even if it only lasts ONE LOUSY DAY. I will be glad to pay that asking price with my blood and my life. As I will no longer be starved of female love, attention and much needed affection.

Maybe if I prove myself to the women of the world that I too can be worthy of love, affection, attention and acceptance from them then perhaps I will no longer be denied that which has escaped me and avoided me my entire existence. Maybe I’ll will have the love, attention and affection of just ONE woman even if it only lasts for ONE LOUSY DAY.

That would be worth it. I would die a happy man.

Female Power and Independence

Female power can only exist whilst men continue to listen and obey women’s orders. Female power consists only shame, insults and guilt-tripping men. Once men stop listening or caring then female power is null and void. If females cannot enlist the support of other men to assist in the shaming, bullying of non-compliment men. Then alpha females are powerless.

Women lack the physical strength, dominance and aggression of males. Therefore female power is built around controlling and manipulating men’s superior strength and aggression for their own personal or collective benefit. Women do this through shame, guilt-tripping and insults. They convince men they’re not ‘real men’ (shame), that they are oppressed and have been throughout history (guilt-trip) or that they have small penis (insult).

These are the only tactics that women have since female power is dependent on the allure and sexually desirable nature of women. Once men stop caring, listening or find the women unattractive or desirable. Female power starts becoming ineffective. Women will have to either convince other men to bully or intimidate the non-conforming males or use the force, oppression and intimidation of the state apparatus and legal system to enforce compliance in order to continue to gain benefits and advantages at the expense of others (usually men).

As long as there is incentives to encourage men to comply with obeying female or societies enforcement of laws and benefits for women. Majority of men will obey and sacrifice their own well-being and that of other men in order to gain the reward offered through the incentive. These incentives are usually to avoid being shamed, guilt-tripped and insulted by women and other men. Alternatively they may gain acceptance and love of women in order to procreate.

The truth why things go wrong…

This presents a major problem with women when they abuse their female power to the point it becomes increasingly ineffective. This usually happens when any incentive to listen, obey or care about women and their needs becomes obsolete or increasingly too risky. In other words if men find more women undesirable, unattractive or simply too risky to engage in relationships or procreation. Women will quickly discover that shame, guilt-trips and insults will no longer work. Since men will stop caring and therefore stop listening.

If civilised society has increasingly large numbers of non-compliant males. It will discover crime rates skyrocketing as a result of disengaged, disenfranchised males who no longer respect society norms, values and laws. It’ll find growing immature and unemployable males as result of them losing any incentive to work or study hard. Industrial productivity will go down since men will be working less as well as doing the bare-minimum in order to get by.

Marriage and birth-rates plummet further eroding any incentives for men to productive members of society. Therefore civilised society starts unravelling and breaking down. Since women are dependent on males in one way or another. Either through government services coming from male taxpayer money or everyday services that involve dirty or dangerous work (plumber, sewage workers, truck drivers etc). Then it is usually women who will ended up suffering the most as a result of the withdrawal and growing resentment of males.

Feminists like to champion women as being equal to or better than men. The common slogans, “Women need men like a fish needs a bicycle” or “The future is female” etc display a wilful ignorance of just how much women need and require men one way or another. Without men doing the manual labour work, paying the majority of taxes that fund women’s essential services and welfare then women find themselves unable to function in the modern world. Once males start withdrawing from society, stop being productive etc because any incentive to be has been destroyed or made obsolete or too risky. Then women will find themselves being increasingly unsafe, uncomfortable and unable to access the kind of services, luxuries and careers they once had.

If females abuse their power by becoming increasingly demanding, unattractive, undesirable, unloving, uncaring, narcissistic, self-centred, self-absorbed, self-righteous and hate-filled towards men. They will find these kind of problems accelerating as society will unravel and breakdown. Once men see no reason to listen, care or love women as a result of any love, marriage sex or relationship becoming too risky or simply not a powerful incentive it once was then female power over males will become increasing ineffective.

That therefore will put the majority of alpha career women or man-hating feminists at a severe disadvantage as well as making them prime targets of hate, abuse and violence. Males will have no incentive to assist or protect these females which in turn will put these women at greater risk once society continues to unravel and breakdown.

We are seeing the signs and experiencing the growing results of the abuse of female power. Women feel ever more unsafe on the streets. Misogyny and violence against women increasing. Men are failing more and more in education, lack willpower or drive to be productive. Many men unemployable and immature man-babies. Marriage and birth rates are dropping. Many men see women as increasingly unattractive, undesirable narcissists who aren’t worth their time, money or attention. Feminists continue to put ever greater burden on men through government and legal system. Using more and more shame and guilt tactics to enforce compliance. Women continue to treat men with disrespect, and become ever more hateful and demanding when it comes to potential marriage and sex partners. The media attack, undermine masculinity at ever available opportunity. Marriage and relationships as well as sex with women becomes increasing too risky or simply not important enough to consider.

Slowly but surely more and more young men especially are opting out of society or increasingly angry and resentful towards women and girls. Western Civilisation is now unravelling and breaking down at ever greater rates.

The end for women will not be pretty.

Knowledge to avoid manipulation

Women can tell who the good guy is who’s trying to help them from the bad guys who’s trying to harm them. Pay attention to what they say and judge them by what they do. It’s easy to consistently lie with words but impossible to consistently lie with your deeds.

Men have to earn the right to protect and provide for women. They have to prove themselves to be as selfless as possible. Dependable, reliable and able to survive against all odds. Character and attitude matter. Fitness both mental and physical are important. Strong communication skills are essential. You need to be a good listener and trustworthy to keep her thoughts, opinions and needs at the centre of all you do so you can truly be reliable to act in both of your best interests at all times.

Women have to earn the right to be protected and provided for by men. They have to prove themselves to be caring, kind and loving. Respect and dignity matter. Character and attitude are essential. You need to be physical and mentally strong but not necessary overboard with it. Moderation is good. You need to be a good listener and submissive to follow and obey directions. You need to be trustworthy to be able to communicate with men to tell them what you need, want and desire. Faithfulness, loyalty and respect are required.

All these things and qualities have to be cultivated by men and women in unison. Relationships and marriages are a two way street. The more a man proves himself to the woman the more she is able to trust him to submit to his orders and directions knowing her best interests are being taken into account. They repay each with loyalty, faithfulness, love and respect.

The more they communicate with each other the better they’ll understand each other. The happier and more loving the relationship. As both will be able to know more to trust each and further develop the necessary qualities they need each other to cultivate.

Pick up artists spend their twenties banging as many women as possible yet when they hit their early thirties they demand to marry virgins. Yet they never seem to grasp that throughout their youth they were making sure those type of women didn’t exist.

Knowledge Important

Trust, respect and love are important qualities. They are more valuable than gold. Since they have to be earned from those around you. Once you have them you are richer than rich. When you lose them you are poorer than poor.

Anyone who demands respect, love or trust will never get it. If you don’t prove yourself worthy of love, respect and trust. Then all you’re going to get in return is mistrust, hate and disrespect. Those that do bow before your demands of love, trust, respect are only doing it because of fear, shame and guilt. That’s why you cannot demand respect, love or trust. It has to be earned.

If you tell a group of people that they have no future then you’ll be shocked to discover than any incentive for them to care, love, respect, help or listen to others suddenly disappears. Why would a group of people help or respect other groups if they have no future? Most people abide by rules and regulations because they’re concerned about the consequences in the future. But if that incentive is destroyed by convincing people they don’t have one. Then I’m afraid law and order and respect for rules and regulations will quickly break down since any incentive to be law abiding become obsolete.

If a group of people are told they have no future yet you expect them to assist others in having one. Don’t be surprised when the results are not what you expect. After all why help others have a future that you’ve been told you no longer have? Any incentive to do so has been destroyed. Therefore the group of people who believe they have no future will see others as competition and will treat them as such. Any willingness to be kind or helpful towards them has been made obsolete as a result of having been told that they have a future and you don’t.

I see Celebrities…. Do they see me?

I was in a supermarket and I shouted look there’s WWE wrestler John Cena. Everybody scanned round saying, “Where? Where is he?” I laughed and said, “You can’t see him. But I know he’s there.”

I walked into a women’s bathroom stark bollock naked. I told the females, “Don’t panic. Unlike WWE superstar John Cena. You can see me.”

I heard Taylor Swift wants to go back to basics with her next album. She wants it to be more personal and brutally honest. That’s why Taylor Swift will call her album, ‘Totally Shit.’

James Bond doesn’t care about women. He only wants to screw them. But in the modern movies he cares so much about women they’ve got him staying home doing their laundry. In the future films they’d have him staying home baking cookies whilst spying on his next door neighbour to discover how they get their linen so white and clean.

I like actress India Eisley. In fact saying I like India Eisley may be the biggest understatement in history. It’s like going to the arctic in the middle of winter and saying, “It’s a bit cold.

I am Katy Perry’s biggest fan. I’ve pirated every song and album she’s ever done.

Hollywood women are fierce strong feminists until the time comes when a producer gets his wallet out and pays her to take her clothes off.

I think too many people voted for a total pig in 2016 Presidential Election. That’s why I’m glad the stupid pig, Hillary Clinton lost.

Imagine being on a date with Leonardo Dicaprio and somebody pulls a gun on you. Leo would panic and run away like the soyboy wimp that he is. Meanwhile if you were on a date with Sty Stallone in his prime and someone try to do a stunt like that. He’d kick their ass and then put the gun between two slices of bread and eat it. He’d then spit the bullets out machine gun style spelling out the phase, ‘That’s all folks’ on a nearby wall.

Someone asked me, “Is the pope catholic?” I just burst out laughing. “Of course not. He’s Jewish. He wears a red suit and goes round on a sleigh chuckling, Ho Ho Ho.”

People complained about the increase in suicide after the broadcast of Netflix series, ’13 Reasons Why.’ If anyone remembers the late 90’s we had a similar problem with R-Kelly. Kids would listen to his music then jump out a window believing they could fly.

I watched the entire first series of ’13 Reasons Why’ on Netflix and I wanted to kill myself too. Not because of the dark subject matter but because it was just a really sh-tty show.

I’ve farted sounds that are more musical than Taylor Swift’s entire musical back catalogue.

I imagine Donald Trump’s toilet over the past few years has had enough of dealing with his sh-t.

If Michael Moore went to the moon he’d still gain weight.

Joss Whedon is such a pussy that if he were to be made into a washing machine. He’ll probably come with a menstruation cycle.

Typical Insanity of life and deal with it.

I don’t need a smartphone. A phone is a phone. If I’m in a burning building I can still call for help without needing to play angry birds whilst doing it.

If you have an iphone and you’re in a building that’s on fire and you call 911 and the fire department tells you they’ll be arriving within 5 minutes. You’ll respond with ‘OK. I’ll play some angry birds whilst I’m waiting and change my facebook status to burning to death.‘ You might as well kick back and ask Siri to play some music. ‘Siri, can you recommend a song?‘ Siri responds, ‘How about Nelly’s popular hit, Hot in here?

Next thing you know, you’re surrounded by raging flames as your iphone blares out, ‘It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes.‘ The police will then ask the firefighters after the incident. ‘Why did this gentleman die naked?‘ The firemen will have no choice but to respond, ‘Someone told him to take off all his clothes.‘ The police will be puzzled asking, ‘Why did he do that?‘ At which point the firemen will say, ‘Because it was getting hot in here.

Can you imagine if King Kong won best actor? The awards host will have to say, ‘I’m sorry but sadly King Kong couldn’t be with us today to collect his award. I know it is a very tragic accident that he fell off a building. We have truly lost a incredible acting talent and the film industry will be poorer because of it. I hope to see some positive news come out of this rather unfortunate moment by praying that New York pass some health and safety laws to prevent further repeats of these kinds of accidents. Perhaps a warning sign around skyscrapers that reads… Danger: Tall building. Do not climb.’

I heard Disney is thinking about a High school musical remake set in Colorado. It’ll be called Columbine: High school musical. They think it’ll be a huge hit with the goth crowd. Although they’re worried about the number of shots they’ll to film if each take goes wrong.

I was in San Francisco last week and I thought that place was bad. The only good thing about Washington D.C is that nobody is sh-tting on the sidewalk.

I’m sure GOD will spare San Francisco from eternal damnation if he could find at least 5 men in the city that didn’t menstruate.

When you hear people tell others to check their privilege at the door. It makes me wonder if this ‘door’ is like some kind of airport where you have to queue up for 3 hours to go through some kind of porno-scanner. Just to make sure you’re not trying to sneak in some unverified privilege that you haven’t paid import duties and Value Added Tax on.

Women want sex… with me? Bad idea

I’m in a conversation with women (shock horror) and they want to have ‘nookie‘ and ‘make whoopie‘ with me. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Mondays. Tell me why.

Woman: Hey, Poison. Fancy some? I’m feeling ready and I want some sex.

PoisonEQ: If you must I’ll buy you one for christmas.

Woman: You don’t understand. I want sexual intercourse.

PoisonEQ: So it’s a meal?

Woman: No. I want sexual intercourse with you.

PoisonEQ: OK. Tell me the name of the restaurant that serves it and I’ll book us a table at the nearest convenience.

Woman: I want to make love.

PoisonEQ: Is it some kind of arts and crafts thing?

Conversation #2

Woman: Oh. You have a small dick.

PoisonEQ: So? Does it matter?

Woman: You can’t pleasure women.

PoisonEQ: I couldn’t give a f–k about women’s pleasure.

Woman: You can’t give me an orgasm.

PoisonEQ: I had one.

Woman: I didn’t.

PoisonEQ: I don’t give a sh-t. I still had fun and cum. That’s all that matters. I’m about looking after number one. That’s me.

Conversation #3

Woman: You need to get laid.

PoisonEQ: Why?

Woman: Then you wouldn’t be a misogynist.

PoisonEQ: Does your vagina contain magic pixie dust that cures all ills? What about rapists? When they penetrate a woman are they cured of their misogyny?

Random Nastiness

If having a small penis means I don’t get to pleasure women. I consider that a blessing rather than a curse. I don’t give a f–k about women’s pleasure. That’s for simps.

Trust me, ladies. You’re doing me a favour by not dating, sleeping or marrying me. I couldn’t care less about women or their endless whiny needs and desires.

If incel means involuntary celibate then I’m now a Decel. I’m deliberately celibate because I couldn’t care less about what women say, think, feel or do. Life is brutal as it is without extra burden of women’s B.S being put on my shoulders.

I don’t hate women. I just don’t care about them enough to have any opinion on them besides ‘meh.

The most amusing thing about having a small penis is when everybody tries to shame and guilt-trip me about lacking the necessary girth and size to pleasure women in bed even though I couldn’t give a toss about women or their feelings. It’s like trying to shame a lion into eating vegetables in order to protect a gazelle’s feelings from getting hurt.

Go, Go, Go.. Politics, baby!

Witchcraft is a bit like socialism. No matter how many times it fails people still keep believing in it.

If you were on board a plane that was about to crash and there were only two choices for parachutes. The first one has been known to always work and the second parachute everyone believes works but has always failed. Which parachute would you choose? You pick the first one, right? After all you wouldn’t jump out a plane to save yourself from death by choosing the second parachute thinking to yourself, ‘It’ll probably work this time. I’m sure of it.‘ The first parachute is capitalism. The second parachute is communism. A modern parable for our times.

What’s Hillary Clinton’s favourite food? Sour grapes.

What’s Hillary Clinton’s favourite hobby? Losing.

If you’re looking at current trends and current data you’re no different to Neville Chamberlain declaring ‘peace in our life time.‘ We all know what happened after that.

Feminist science wouldn’t produce anything of any worth except endless contradictions of themselves and the facts.

If women have been oppressed then they can’t be that smart.

All I see is weakness and confusion. World conditions are ripe for a strong man to seize control and take the reins of power.

I’m not a satanist but I imagine they indirectly worship me. After all, who’s more evil then me?

Feminists are authoritarians who want to control everything but lack the physical strength to do it. So they need to employ the force of men through the legal system and politics in order to coerce the rest of the population to bend to their will.

Every time I got angry about feminist BS, double standards and hatred. I ended up winding myself up and became frustrated. I realised by doing that it means they were winning. So I stopped allowing myself to become so angry because I figured the best way to stand a chance of victory is by making sure your opponent doesn’t have any wins over you.

I lack the shallow egotism that allows me to succeed in modern politics.

These days if you’re going to be beautiful and successful. You need to be a shallow, self-serving, egotistical and full of sh-t.

Women so good…

I wouldn’t describe women as people since that makes them seem important.

I didn’t get to be where I am today by treating women with respect. I got to be so damn good because I trampled on women and rubbed their pretty faces in the dirt.

Women are mere toys to be disposed of when men get bored playing with them.

Every female death is a tragedy. Every male death is just another statistic.

Women have the world wrapped around their little finger. There’s nothing we can do but nod along and obey.

I know women want to ride me like they ride their favourite dildo.

I’ve got the greatest gift any women could ask for: My penis.

Women’s soccer I’m afraid is neither entertaining or profitable.

Women should look themselves in the mirror and repeat, “It’s not my fault I’m inferior. It’s nature’s fault.”

I noticed that women have 3 holes in their bodies. If they enter into deep water I’m worried they’re going to sink.

Any man that is deaf, blind and stupid then I’d recommend being married to an American woman since it’ll be martial bliss.

What’s a higher or more noble goal than curing all disease? Writing the greatest all female action movie of all time. On one hand curing all diseases will save billions of lives but writing the greatest female action movie of all time would allow the entire world to see how good women are. To see how much women can excel and succeed in just a mere two hours of action and plot sequences. Surely that has to be the most noble goal of all time.

As a woman how ’bout I get you excited and rock hard? Then I’ll cut your dick off, nail it to a wall then force you to blow it. Then you’ll think twice before sexually harassing me.

I typed ‘stupid cow blowing donkey dick‘ into google and the only result I got was Taylor Swift.

I don’t create dumb women. That’s feminism’s job.

Feminists aren’t oppressed by patriarchy, capitalism or a culture of misogyny. They’ll actually only oppressed by their own delusional thoughts.

Hollywood Nitpicking

I know what every Actress in Hollywood is like in bed. Asleep.

If you think you’re having a miserable day try being married to a Hollywood Actress.

America’s greatest president was Bill Paxton. That guy saved the entire country from Alien Invasion. My second choice would be Morgan Freeman. The first Black President to save America from an Asteroid.

In Hollywood movie reviews and press releases nobody bothers to mention the screenwriters name unless they screwed up.

What do you call an actress without a brain? Normal.

Am I saying Actresses don’t have any brains at all? I’m saying they don’t have the capacity for it.

I don’t know why anyone would want to date an Actress. 99% of them are mentally unstable and the other 1% are so messed up they’re not worth bothering with.

Hollywood is fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, sex and wreckless behaviour. Or am I thinking of the music industry?

If women want to win more awards and roles in Film and Entertainment industries maybe they should consider developing some actual talent besides whining.

Acting is hard. But acting like acting is hard, is easy.

When I was growing up male characters in movies were muscle bound guys that went round shooting people and blowing stuff up. Nowadays they just sit around crying and talking about their feelings.

Today’s superheroes are weak babies. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… It’s over-emotional man. His super-powers include being sensitive to others people’s feelings and crying.