Our Own Decpetion

This is an ‘Test’ article I’ve written. Maybe update/improved later.

Let’s look at the so-called ‘Elites’ of the World. We know them a the WEF, UN George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and BIll Gates collective. Y’know, the Billionaires and Politically shady types who shouldn’t be meddling with our systems of Government but do anyway. They’re rich and powerful because of all that money they have sitting in their bank accounts. Y’know the money their buddies at various Central Banks across the western hemispehre have created created thin air (Fiat). That’s what Fiat Currencies are (and offshoots like digital cryptocurrencies). Central Bankers turn on the printing presses and print endless streams of cash for us and Governments to spend. It’s not tied to any actual physical wealth or precious resources. Nothing concrete that it’s valued against (like Gold, Silver, Bronze). So you could freely exchange it (from the Central Bankers) one for the other.

So Fiat-created currenicies (Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros) are worthless. There’s no real value behind except what the Central Bankers tell us its worth. We accept it blindly therefore buy (unknowingly) into their little scam. We are defrauded of our hard-work (Labour) in order to be paid-in paper-currency, that Bankers have printed from thin-air. We’re lied too by Governments and Financial-Instutions that this Fiat-Currency is somehow valuable. Therefore, a fair and equal exchange for our hard-work and effort. We’re being outright conned by believing that our Blood, Sweat and Tears and being fairly and equally given value in paper-money that Central Bankers have collected off the printing presses.

That keeps us enslaved to the finanical system they have set-up and control in order for us to participate with their worthless paper-money they’ve manipulated us into believing has real-world worth. It gives open golden opportunity for Central Bankers, Governments and other Elites at the top, to enrich themselves by exploiting our hard-work. They use this to profit from to keep and maintain themselves in power so the scam remains in place. Whilst they reward our obedience to them by giving us our own sins and vices repackaged as Righteous Virtue for our amusement. The Media and Maketing Executives conjure up clever commercials to prey on our weakness, vulnerables, insecurities. They use Deceptive methods of expressive vivid colour palettes with reptetive slogans set against a backdrop of catchy tunes. This allows our vain, self-centered Human Nature to be grossly manipulated to unfairly inflate our arrogrance. That in turn becomes enlarged sense of greed and entitlement. We are told all by Marketing gurus that these disgusting tactics are empowering and righteous.

This allows us to become addicted, dependent and further weakened by those promoting and encouraging it all levels. We learn to see sins and vices as positive, redeeming, qualites we should flaunt and cultivate. Good turns into Evil and Evil turns into Good. We become aggressive and outright hostile towards genuine righteousness as we develop self-righteousness. Ever more convinced we’re the kind, caring, tolerate ones. It’s just everybody else that’s wicked and sinful. Thus, we demand more of their poisonous Entertainment, Music, Products, Brands and services through which these unnatural instincts and characteristics are consumed and promoted, devloped and cultivated. It becomes a toxic poison to our health, souls and happiness.

In order for us to suppress a growing sense of emptiness. We cry out and strive for more poison from our power-hungry slave-owners. Thinking in our incredibly self-decieved minds that just abit more worthless paper-cash will fill our lingering lack of spiritual fulfilment. Our gnawing sense of incompleteness with ourselves, families, friends, national and ethnic identity. We give ourselves over voluntarily to those Elites happy to supply by our unrepentant thirst for poison by demanding more obedience to them (i.e work harder, whilst earning less). Our wages go down as prices rise leading to ever greater wealth gap between The Rich (Our all-knowing Elites) and poor (us). Their profit margins skyrockets as they unfairly increase in wealth and have more power to control us. We show no signs or willingness to question the staus-quo. So we blindly accept our debt, and servitude to our wicked Elites. So we learn consciously and unconsciously to become more dependent on them.

We will forever remain in a perpetual state of unhappiness, misery, frustration whilst continuing to see more of their poison as the solution. We grant them more power and control as a result. We get weaker as a collective whilst they get stronger as a collective. The more we blindly play their game. The more we lose. They need us to remain enthralled to the system that exploits us at our own expense. We fail to see the chains that hold us down because we refuse to see those chains as anything other than strength. We view our enslavement as empowering and great. We call ourselvs free but are nothing of the sort. We pride ourselves by on displaying our new virtues but really its all sin. Our non-stop service to Billionaire Elites and their Central Banker Allies have lead us to become sick from head to toe.

We believe the lies they tell us because its more convenient to blind-followers than rebel-rousers. Easier for us to be told what to do than to think for ourselves. Cowardice, laziness all encouraged, promoted so these values we cultivate in ourselves to avoid self-reflection that would reveal uncomfortable truths. We crave order and community. So we seek belonging to where we can to satisfy our desperate need for love and friendship. Detached from all knowledge of time and place we desire acceptance from those people we view to be our superiors. We let them think on our behalf so we don’t have too. After all, they give us enough (false) sense of ‘freedom, joy, contentment,’ why challenge and potentially lose what we’re allowed to have? That lack of urgency, complacency even in amongst our own self-inflicted, self-imposed moral and spiritual crisis keep us from realising our bondage to our sins, delusions and addictions.

Our own deception has deluded us into thinking we’re happy free, and liberated. All we need to be truly happy is more of the same. We lust and envy for got consumer junk and scream for another dose of poison from our benevolent Elitist Gods. If we won’t accept truth as truth. We’ll never come to believe we’re truly slaves of a faceless corporate entity. If we accept the lies we’re told. We’d shudder at the thought of liberty and freedom. We look at our Slavemasters as Gods and Goddess. We worship them as we are destoryed by them. If we fight against absolute truth then we fight to remain under the thumb of our Oppressors. If you believe sins are virtues then you take every dose of poison as being healthy for the soul. If you become hypnotized by mindnumbing Entertainment. You will see consumerism as the source of true happiness. So why you want to rebel against the Elites who make it all possible? You won’t. So why reject the notion of that there’s no blindfold over your eyes? You can’t.

Since Fiat-created currencies and their various offshoots have no real-world value. It means they are useless outside the banking system. As long as we blindly accept what they say paper-money is worth. We will continue to be mindless slaves exchanging our Blood, Sweat and Tears for worthless paper to consume useless junk. We keep the blindfold on and remain dependent on Central Bankers and Governemtn Agencies to give us more lies and deception. To loving our manipulation at their hands to our great deteriment. The billionaire elites laugh and profit at our own expense.

The never-ending deception and manipulation of our own emotions, insecurities and failings being fuelled by our own carnal lusts, whims and desires continues to be constantly played upon by our governing Elite masters. We don’t see it for what it is because of our sad selfish, vain human nature. We see ourselves and others like us as being virtuous and our enemies as evil. Distractions from our enslavement to the system that’s in place delude us into seeing each other as the enemy whilst blindly ignoring the game of musical chairs our Elitist Masters are playing at our expense to hide themselves from view. We’ve come to love our slavery and to hate freedom from them. We believe the Elites that anything less than total obedience to the system is seen as oppressive.

But once we stop playing. The blindfold comes off. We see them as they are. We view them the way we should. We judge them for what they’ve done to us. We accept truth. We learn to love freedom and liberty over ease and comfort. We learn to hate endless pleasure for the sake of pleasure. As a result, we will learn to value ourselves and will learn to achieve a greater sense of true happiness.

Without our blind acceptance of what the Elites provide for us. We refuse to tolerate their lies and their deceit. We no longer allow deceptive and manipulative tactics to work on us. The Elites and all their cronies, allies, celebrities etc have NO POWER over us and they realise just how little they actually offer the world in terms of useful talent, skills, intelligence and creativity.

They will be no longer able to maintain their lofty position at the top of the pyramid. No longer able to convince us of their superiority, education or knowledge. It’ll be the end of them since they have no ability to project power without manipulation and deception. No real world wealth. No real world talents. No real world strength. Therefore they won’t be able to have any real world power.

The illusion they try to pull that we are weak, individually and collectedly and they are strong, individually and collectedly will no longer work.

Male Suicide: How Western Men Came to Have No Hope Besides Death

Suicide is largely the result of a perceived sense of failure. E.g. “I’m not good enough”, “Nobody loves me” etc. As a result of the perceived failure men either end their lives or turn to self-destructive behaviours (drugs, alcohol, gambling) in order to either cope with guilt from false sense of failure or as a desperate get rich-quick scheme.

Both have disastrous consequences. Society lies to Men and Boys through our growing obsession with endless material possessions and achieving non-stop popularity with our groups we admire. Its driven by pure Vanity and Greed (Human Nature) and exploited by everyone from Governments, Business, Entertainment Industry and Advertising etc.
They sell us a false ideal that men should aspire too whilst making sure, directly or indirectly, that the average man can never reach it. So that allows them to sell us more useless junk to keep the system going. After all what drives modern Western Capitalism? Consumerism. Non-stop consumerism propelled and propped up by various forms of debt.

We, as men, falsely see our happiness and fulfilment in terms of material wealth that allows us to gain acceptance from more powerful men and have better chances with women. Its females who in turn, help re-enforce the message that our basic worth is judged by outwardly appearance of materialistic possessions.

Advertising has us chasing Designer goods, electronics, products and brands that do nothing to actually makes us happy or give us fulfilment. Our happiness and joy in buying more useless junk we don’t need or have any use for besides signalling to others how much better we are than them is wholly false and deceptive.

Are we really happy with the latest gadget or gizmo? Do we really get any sense of true joy from plunging ourselves, individually and nationally, into debt for the hottest fashion brands worn by the latest (talentless) celebrity? Do we find genuine fulfilment in working every hour god sends to scrape enough cash together to purchase the fastest car or a bigger house to stuff with ever more useless junk we’re convinced we need, but don’t?

Male suicide as an epidemic is only recent in modern times largely confined to Western nations or those most influenced by Western ‘values’ and ‘ideals.’ Prior to Sixties pop-psychology (That created and championed the whole concept of ‘careers’) which gained wide mainstream acceptance thanks to the collapse of biblical morality and replaced with the worship of the New Gods of Science and Technology.

Jobs were largely seen as work. Something to do to earn an upkeep. They were done out of duty and honour to themselves, women and society as whole. The whole dictum, “The Devil makes work for idle thumbs” was the basis for our culture centred around traditional values and based on biblical morality.

What changed? How did it happen? America—and the whole world—was in the midst of a moral crisis. The world crisis had already started prior to World War I. Only most of the peoples of the world were not yet aware of it. But men like Karl Marx and Nikolai Lenin knew. This world crisis resulted from the impact of science and technology—and the injection of godless ‘German rationalism’ into education. World wars are the military expression of that crisis. Worldwide depressions are the economic expression. The so-called New Morality is the moral expression—plummeting morals into the cesspool. Universal desperation is the spiritual expression. This has spawned the beatniks and the hippies—the riots—the marches—the ‘civil disobedience’—the breakdown of law and order.

Consumerism for the sake of consumerism. The new mantra for our spiritual attainment that our Godless Culture had spawned following the collapse of Christianity. Pop-psychology created and promoted the new idea of finding fulfilment in the workplace. Jobs become careers. They became a never-ending ‘meandering’ search for fulfilment outside traditional concepts of family, home and religion.

Duty, honour, obligation and responsibility to friends, family and nation became outdated and considered passé. That lead to the rise of feminism and other Marxist-inspired movements who seized on the growing discontent among the youth and chattering classes by promising a sense of belonging and fulfilment in a global ‘revolution’ that would solve all our problems.

This why Communism is so popular among the youth and educated middle-classes. It replaces what tradition and religion once occupied. The loss of attachment to our own history and decline of national pride and patriotism lead to a feeling of being isolated from our own sense of time and place.

How can we feel we belong to any ethnic group or nation or the ideals it promotes and encourages if we have no sense of pride or knowledge of how it came about? If we’re not rooted in our past then how can we expect to feel anchored in our present? By cutting us off from our past and failing to appreciate our history we lose our sense of national identity and belonging.

We no longer feel any duty or honour towards anyone who doesn’t share our own narrow-minded, selfish driven vanity worldview. With consumerism failing to provide happiness or contentment as our families fall apart further breaking any natural bonds we would have otherwise have to national, religious or racial identity. We instead find ourselves ever more frustrated and ever more lacking genuine unfulfillment. So we look to false teachers and prophets of political movements and ideologies to give us that sense of community and belonging that family and tradition no longer occupies in our hearts. We allow ourselves to be wilfully deceived into thinking that politics and culture can give us that sense of purpose or meaning that religion once supplied.

But nope. We end up falling into will worship. Our new form of idolatry are the silicon-chip Gods of Science and Technology. Our new Prophets and teachers are Politicians, Business Leaders and Hollywood Celebrities. We treat their every word as the new gospel. We follow their advice and suggestions as if they’re the new ten commandments.
They promise us heaven in the form of the latest utopian fantasy based on whatever political ideal happens to be trendy. We allow ourselves to be deceived by our own sense of righteousness (becoming self-righteous) and in turn condemn others for similar or other transgressions we are also guilty of. That allows us to be manipulated, controlled and deceived because we believe in nothing of substance. The concept of Absolute truth dies an undignified death and replaced by moral-relativism.

All in all we are kept in a self-perpetuating state of constant misery, unhappiness, frustration, despair and unfulfillment. We cannot escape because we are stuck in a permeant, never-ending present. So our only solution, as men, is to turn to either suicide or self-destruction to numb our minds to the emptiness we feel or become just another faceless cog in a seemingly benevolent corporate machine that turns us Beasts of Burden with increasingly unsatisfying rewards, benefits and incentives.

Abortion Slogans

Imagine if Planned Parenthood advertsed their services using some of these…

1) If you don’t want your future daughter to be a miserable failure with ten cats get an abortion.

2) Imagine if your child grew up to be the next Andrea dworkin? Don’t worry. Visit Planned Parenthood.

3) Violence against girls is bad. But its OK when we do it.

4) The girls of the future are concerned about future male violence and male oppression but you can help solve it today thanks to Planned Parenthood. It only 5 minutes.

5) If its good enough for china. Its good enough for us.

6) Thought killing females was horrible? We did too until we went to Planned Parenthood. Now we can’t stop laughing.

7) Nothing says failure like being a feminist. Help prevent future cruelty to women by visiting us at Planned Parenthood.

8) Too many oppressed women? Planned Parenthood. Every little helps.

9) Brought you by population control advocates.

10) All the talented women of Hollywood support us. Why don’t you?

11) Don’t worry it doesn’t hurt… Your bank balance, that is.

12) If the baby’s white. Are you gonna raise a racist? Visit Planned Parenthood.

13) Babies are yesterday’s fashion trend. Abortion is today’s.

14) First abortion is free on us. After that, white males have to pay through higher taxes. Why wait?

15) If it doesn’t live yet. Why not Kill it?1

16) Everybody’s doing it. Why be left out? Get abortion today.

17) Buy one. Abort one for free.

18) If its cheaper to get rid off it now why go through with pregnancy?19

19) Keeping up with the Hitlers.

20) One death is a tragedy. Sixty million unborn deaths don’t count.

21) 3 Minutes to get knocked up. 5 Minutes to undo it. Simples.

22) Giving birth? Should’ve got to Planned Parenthood.

23) No safe sexual protection? Tell that to Planned Parenthood.

24) Want foolproof pregnancy prevention? That’ll be Planned Parenthood.

25) Babies are an STD. Protect yourself with Planned Parenthood.

26) Childbirth is hard. Abortion is easy. Visit Planned Parenthood.

27) Made a bad error of judgement? Visit Planned Parenthod.

28) Mistakes can be erased. Ask Planned Parenthood.

29) Decisions in life can be difficult. Planned Parenthood can make it easier.

Slogans 4 Gym bros

Live it. Love it. Squat it.

When nature calls… Just squat.

I squatted 300lb so you don’t have too.

I took a squat. How about you?

Either squat or get out the gym.

U squat? I squat. Let’s go 4 a squat.

I knocked on your bedroom door. But you weren’t there. I hope you don’t mind but I took a squat on your floor.

There’s room in my heart 4 another squat.

How’s my squatting?

Eat. Sleep. Squat. Repeat.

I can’t believe u ain’t squatting!

How many squats have you seen?

Once I squat. I’m squat 4 life.

Gym bro diet: You eat it then squat it.

I wanna squat, man.

U ain’t gym, bro. Until you hit it squattin’.

She’ll love you 4 your money but fuck u 4 your squatting.

If you gonna hit it, then squat it.

Keep it real. Take a squat.

Squat 4 life.

I took a good hard squat. I became a man.

U ain’t squat until you squat.

U fink you iz funny, mate?

I was at a female comedian stand up show when I found her to be incredibly annoying. So I decided to leave. At that moment she spotted me and shouted, “You leaving so soon, mate? Can handle a strong funny woman?” Not wanting to be mocked by a piss poor excuse for a comic. I said, “I’m a doctor. I’ve been called out on an emergency. Are you going to make fun of that?” The feminist comic shook her head and apologised for her snide remark. I smiled and said, “Your mother has fallen down the stairs in shock upon hearing her daughter thinks she’s some kind of talented comedian.

My friend talks about the dignity of assisted suicide. I said to him, “If you believe in assisted suicide you should cut off your own dick because the poor bastard has suffered far too much neglect already. Let him die.

I saw my friend the other day and laughed at him, “Your penis has suffered years of self-abuse and neglect by everyone except the neighbours jack Russell dog.” The dog sees it as a small friend to play with. You see the neighbours dog as a bigger brother to play with.

The only time anybody laughs at my friend trying to be funny is when I crack jokes at his expense or when his pants fall down and a Jack Russell dog chases you around the room thinking your penis is its own tail.

The only time my friend can ever be funny is when he pulls his pants down to his ankles before attempting to run in circles until he trips over his own feet and falls flat on his face.

I imagine people get an immense sense of self-satisfaction from working at the BBC and making over-indulgent TV programs that nobody wants to watch but get to do it at the British Public’s expense.

I bet BBC employees get the most smug sense of pleasure knowing they are wasting vast sums of public money every time they show up for work.

Women and Bathrooms. Mystery Solved?

I went in the women’s restroom yet I didn’t see anything in there that would want to make me hang out in crowds. But for some reason women do.

I asked my Girlfriend why she goes to the bathroom with her friends. She said, “It’s a sense of community.” I looked at her and said, “Yeah. But you’re there to piss or shit.” You do understand that, ladies? The bathroom isn’t a place to exchange cooking recipes or discuss the latest celebrity gossip. You go there to piss or shit.

I’m an independent, strong, empowered woman who don’t need no man. But I do need my group of best friends to accompany me every time I need the bathroom. So they can hold my hand and cheer me on when I go to take a shit. We women don’t need a man but without our friends we can’t take a shit by ourselves.

The only reason any person would want to go to the bathroom in groups is so they can have some kind of shitting contest. Can you imagine that? Three female best friends in the bathroom challenging each other to see who can have the loudest plop.

Woman #1: Right, ladies. Get the toilet seat in position. Knickers down. The first to poop the loudest wins. No cheating by using piss soaked toilet paper, alright? I will notice the difference between a poop plopping into the toilet bowl and some wet toilet paper.

Real Reason Why Women Hate D1ck pics

We all know women hate receiving unsolicited pix of dix. Ever wondered why in general women don’t like looking at male genitals the way men do with women? Ever wondered why women tend to see upper male body (pecs, abs etc) as being more attractive, turn on than the lower body?

The TRUTH will surprise you but also make perfect sense.

Men like joking that our ‘naughty bits‘ are like trouser snakes or just snakes in general when discuss size, etc am I right?

*drum roll*

BIG MISTAKE!! Don’t you see, men? That’s why women HATE DICKS!! It leaves them traumatised because of that basic fact. It’s what turns women into Lesbians or transgender individuals. Get it? Understand it? Know where I’m coming from, fellas?

Penises are a reminder to women of that fatal night in the garden of Eden. Oh yes. Women suffer from PTSD as a result of having flashbacks to their original mother Eve. Do you understand now? This is why so many women are depressed and mentally unstable. They are surrounded by objects everywhere that taunt them about their own devastating mistake on that tragic night in Eden.

Women become Lesbians in order to escape looking at serpent style objects that penetrate them. This internal fear that ALL women have has been passed down through their genes right through history. It’s a never-ending, all consuming fear that the serpent will kill and devour their offspring as a result of their OWN SIN.

Male genitalia is typical stand-in, as far as women’s crazed, paranoid minds are concerned which is why they hate looking at pictures of it or why they don’t find it attractive or a turn on (it’s a nightmare for them). As well as why women will for all eternity live in fear of rape (being attacked again by the serpent and consumed by it).


When you flaunt your ‘naughty bits‘ around women falsely thinking they’re turn on or are attracted to it. THINK AGAIN.

YOU ARE PUTTING WOMEN THROUGH IMMENSE TRAUMA. You are reminding them of their own past mistake in the garden of Eden. They are scared that your penis is the serpent that tricked them into sin.

Don’t be surprised if after whipping out ‘the meat and two veg.’ Women over-react in an uncontrolled state of panic and anxiety. Don’t be shocked if they try to kick or punch your crotch screaming, “NOOOOOO! STOP COMING AFTER ME SERPENT!! Have you not caused enough damage yet for my sin?

If they drop to their knees sobbing, crying non-stop before praying, “Why GOD, why? Why do you allow the Serpent to taunt me so much?” You now know why.

This is why women need therapy a lot. This is why women go to the bathroom in groups. (Extra protection from potential serpent lookalikes lurking about.)

POEM: Be mad, girls, Be mad…

[This is in 6 syllable meter]

I’m a girl, I’m damn mad

not a boy, those guys suck.

Ignored for who I am,

patriarchy damn bad.

Stick it to them sisters,

females shouldn’t suck cock.

I don’t hate men, yeah right?

Why should I suffer rape?

They shout, scream and kill us

and told not to fight back.

Kill, kill, kill those damn men

get revenge on them all.

Girls, please don’t stop, don’t stop

our rage will get us through.

Men won’t ever leave us

we must always be bad.

How can anyone laugh at this?

I went to Starbucks in San Francisco and what did I see? Upper-middle class white dudes wearing expensive Armani suits, talking on $600 brand new iPhones whilst drinking their lattes with their pants around their ankles taking a crap on the floor.

I’d like to imagine that in 50 years time nobody will care who Taylor Swift was. But I’m sure it won’t take that long.

That’s why I love supporting female reproductive rights. If she get pregnant with a girl. We always have the option to terminate it.

Abortion helps keep the feminist population under control. If you don’t give birth to babies. You can’t have a new generation of feminists.

If you knew your daughter would grow up to be a feminist. Wouldn’t you support abortion?

Support female reproductive rights. Prevent a future Andrea Dworkin being born.

Rape is never funny until I do it.

Feminists say there’s never any excuse for rape. I can think of two. 1) She had it coming 2) she asked for it.

If any female soccer player threatens to kick you in the nuts then all you have to do is watch a typical female soccer match and remember that they’re not very good at kicking balls.

The greatest feeling a woman can get when she’s with me is the sheer unadulterated sense of relief of making it through the day without me repeatedly punching her in the face.

I don’t have any current convictions of violence against women but I came here today to try and pick some up. Never too late to start.

Rape makes me extremely angry. How dare these evil nasty men go around brutalising innocent women without asking me first to join in.

If women are going to get raped then they should have the decency to call me up so I can come over and watch.

I love my wife the most when she’s screaming her head off in agonising pain and misery.

I imagine when the French soccer team ends up playing the German soccer team in the world cup final. The French team will surrender after 6 minutes.

Feminists tell men that the future is female whilst going out their way to tell women to avoid having kids.

When I went to a job interview the other week I asked how many females worked at the company. Since I’m always looking for new rape victims to brutalise.

When I got asked at a job interview what my best skills were. I told them it was a near super human ability for sexually harassing and raping women and constantly getting away with it. I told them I wasn’t gonna say any names but I have enough victims to fill a large book.

The future is female because any money that men can make. Women can spend it twice as fast.

80% of feminists deserve to die. The other 20% deserve to die in pain.

I’d rather lick the boot of Patriarchy than kiss the ass of a feminist.

The only pronouns I’m using for you is ‘kiss my ass.‘ You either except it, leave it or kiss my ass.

Trans women are women. Trans men are just fucking delusional.

Woman: I hit my husband once. I don’t remember why. The last thing I remember after smacking him is waking up in a coma. Apparently I was out cold for 6 months.

The thing I love most about my wife is when she is as far away as possible so I don’t have to put up with her endless whiny shit.

I don’t care what women say, think, feel or do. Unless it involves me.

The bible is very inspiring. I think it’s about a bloke with a beard. If I’m not mistaken there was a movie about him at Christmas. I forget his name. It might be father something… Oh yeah. Father Christmas. That’s right. The bible is all about him. He has a birthday on December 25th. I didn’t get Father Christmas anything but he did bring me a Nintendo. Which was nice.

Being in Hollywood is so tough that all the world’s coal miners are breathing a collected sigh of relief that they didn’t end up in tinsel town.

Since the coal mine industry in Wales closed down. You have a lot of unemployed miners roaming around the streets after dark. They’d happily fuck you for a packet of cigarettes and some sweets.

Following the collapse of energy giant Enron. The corporate suits are bringing out their own brand of shampoo in order to get their money back. The slogan for it will be.. ‘Enron Shampoo. Because we’re worthless.

I can solve Climate Change for the cheapest price possible. We take $10 bill and shove it in Greta Thunberg’s mouth to shut her up. No more hot air heating the planet.

I used to work in a hospital. A man came in with an axe stuck in his head. I asked him if he had any symptoms of a headache. He told me he didn’t but instead had a bad case of constipation.

Anita Sarkeesian could save a ton of money, time and effort by doing only one video whilst still getting the same message across. She should wear a T-Shirt that reads, “Everything is Sexist. Understand?” Then she should film herself standing in front a camera waving her arms around shouting, “Look at me. I’m so important.” Same message as everything she has ever done. None of the bullshit.

Evil is my middle name..

Those who fail to confront evil will be a victim of it.

One of these days the world will realise to its horror how evil I am but by that point it’ll be too late to stop me.

I don’t encourage violence against women but I do think it’s a great idea.

When someone does an unspeakable act of pure malicious evil. The world wonders if that person was possessed by Satan. When Satan does commits an act of unspeakable pure malicious evil. God wonders if Satan was possessed by me.

Any man that thinks he’s equal to women has no ambition.

Nazis are diet coke evil. Just one calorie not evil enough. I’m far worse. I’m the sulphuric acid of evil. I’ll burn your face off.

The best compliment I have ever received is that I’m the bastard love child of Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler.

The only reason I’m not in hell is because Satan kicked me out after I tried to take over. He’s jealous I’m far more evil than he’ll ever be in his wildest fantasies.

Anyone who thinks comedy is dead should go watch women’s team sports.

I met a female genius once. I was not impressed.

I don’t hate women. That’s not strong enough. I freakin’ despise them.

Of all the things you could be in life. A misogynist is probably the most noble.

People tell me that I must hate women. I always ask ‘Why is that a bad thing?

The only reason men should marry women these days is so they can use her as a punching bag to beat the crap outta her.

I’ve never kissed a woman, never had sex with a woman. Heck, I’ve never had a relationship with a woman in my entire damn life. I’m nearly 40 years old. Those are the things that I consider to be my greatest achievements.

Sex is like smoking. If people knew how disgusting it was they’d never do it at all.

Here’s something feminists should try once in a while. It’s called ‘Shutting the fuck up.

If feminists want to be equal to men they need to do the same dirty and dangerous jobs as men. They need to step up and put their money where their mouth is. That I imagine would be their arse.

If women weren’t such useless, worthless, talent-less sacks of fucking shit. They might actually achieve something important in life.

Have women looked at themselves in the mirror lately? They’re stupid pieces of shit. But it’s not your fault. You’re a woman. You were born that way. I’m sorry.

The woke mobs get turned on by making normal people miserable. I get turned on by making woke people miserable.

Do you want me to eat vegan? How about I slit your throat and eat you?

If I die alone. I’m still gonna be happier than 99.9% of all the world’s married men.