Our Own Decpetion

This is an ‘Test’ article I’ve written. Maybe update/improved later.

Let’s look at the so-called ‘Elites’ of the World. We know them a the WEF, UN George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and BIll Gates collective. Y’know, the Billionaires and Politically shady types who shouldn’t be meddling with our systems of Government but do anyway. They’re rich and powerful because of all that money they have sitting in their bank accounts. Y’know the money their buddies at various Central Banks across the western hemispehre have created created thin air (Fiat). That’s what Fiat Currencies are (and offshoots like digital cryptocurrencies). Central Bankers turn on the printing presses and print endless streams of cash for us and Governments to spend. It’s not tied to any actual physical wealth or precious resources. Nothing concrete that it’s valued against (like Gold, Silver, Bronze). So you could freely exchange it (from the Central Bankers) one for the other.

So Fiat-created currenicies (Dollars, Pounds Sterling, Euros) are worthless. There’s no real value behind except what the Central Bankers tell us its worth. We accept it blindly therefore buy (unknowingly) into their little scam. We are defrauded of our hard-work (Labour) in order to be paid-in paper-currency, that Bankers have printed from thin-air. We’re lied too by Governments and Financial-Instutions that this Fiat-Currency is somehow valuable. Therefore, a fair and equal exchange for our hard-work and effort. We’re being outright conned by believing that our Blood, Sweat and Tears and being fairly and equally given value in paper-money that Central Bankers have collected off the printing presses.

That keeps us enslaved to the finanical system they have set-up and control in order for us to participate with their worthless paper-money they’ve manipulated us into believing has real-world worth. It gives open golden opportunity for Central Bankers, Governments and other Elites at the top, to enrich themselves by exploiting our hard-work. They use this to profit from to keep and maintain themselves in power so the scam remains in place. Whilst they reward our obedience to them by giving us our own sins and vices repackaged as Righteous Virtue for our amusement. The Media and Maketing Executives conjure up clever commercials to prey on our weakness, vulnerables, insecurities. They use Deceptive methods of expressive vivid colour palettes with reptetive slogans set against a backdrop of catchy tunes. This allows our vain, self-centered Human Nature to be grossly manipulated to unfairly inflate our arrogrance. That in turn becomes enlarged sense of greed and entitlement. We are told all by Marketing gurus that these disgusting tactics are empowering and righteous.

This allows us to become addicted, dependent and further weakened by those promoting and encouraging it all levels. We learn to see sins and vices as positive, redeeming, qualites we should flaunt and cultivate. Good turns into Evil and Evil turns into Good. We become aggressive and outright hostile towards genuine righteousness as we develop self-righteousness. Ever more convinced we’re the kind, caring, tolerate ones. It’s just everybody else that’s wicked and sinful. Thus, we demand more of their poisonous Entertainment, Music, Products, Brands and services through which these unnatural instincts and characteristics are consumed and promoted, devloped and cultivated. It becomes a toxic poison to our health, souls and happiness.

In order for us to suppress a growing sense of emptiness. We cry out and strive for more poison from our power-hungry slave-owners. Thinking in our incredibly self-decieved minds that just abit more worthless paper-cash will fill our lingering lack of spiritual fulfilment. Our gnawing sense of incompleteness with ourselves, families, friends, national and ethnic identity. We give ourselves over voluntarily to those Elites happy to supply by our unrepentant thirst for poison by demanding more obedience to them (i.e work harder, whilst earning less). Our wages go down as prices rise leading to ever greater wealth gap between The Rich (Our all-knowing Elites) and poor (us). Their profit margins skyrockets as they unfairly increase in wealth and have more power to control us. We show no signs or willingness to question the staus-quo. So we blindly accept our debt, and servitude to our wicked Elites. So we learn consciously and unconsciously to become more dependent on them.

We will forever remain in a perpetual state of unhappiness, misery, frustration whilst continuing to see more of their poison as the solution. We grant them more power and control as a result. We get weaker as a collective whilst they get stronger as a collective. The more we blindly play their game. The more we lose. They need us to remain enthralled to the system that exploits us at our own expense. We fail to see the chains that hold us down because we refuse to see those chains as anything other than strength. We view our enslavement as empowering and great. We call ourselvs free but are nothing of the sort. We pride ourselves by on displaying our new virtues but really its all sin. Our non-stop service to Billionaire Elites and their Central Banker Allies have lead us to become sick from head to toe.

We believe the lies they tell us because its more convenient to blind-followers than rebel-rousers. Easier for us to be told what to do than to think for ourselves. Cowardice, laziness all encouraged, promoted so these values we cultivate in ourselves to avoid self-reflection that would reveal uncomfortable truths. We crave order and community. So we seek belonging to where we can to satisfy our desperate need for love and friendship. Detached from all knowledge of time and place we desire acceptance from those people we view to be our superiors. We let them think on our behalf so we don’t have too. After all, they give us enough (false) sense of ‘freedom, joy, contentment,’ why challenge and potentially lose what we’re allowed to have? That lack of urgency, complacency even in amongst our own self-inflicted, self-imposed moral and spiritual crisis keep us from realising our bondage to our sins, delusions and addictions.

Our own deception has deluded us into thinking we’re happy free, and liberated. All we need to be truly happy is more of the same. We lust and envy for got consumer junk and scream for another dose of poison from our benevolent Elitist Gods. If we won’t accept truth as truth. We’ll never come to believe we’re truly slaves of a faceless corporate entity. If we accept the lies we’re told. We’d shudder at the thought of liberty and freedom. We look at our Slavemasters as Gods and Goddess. We worship them as we are destoryed by them. If we fight against absolute truth then we fight to remain under the thumb of our Oppressors. If you believe sins are virtues then you take every dose of poison as being healthy for the soul. If you become hypnotized by mindnumbing Entertainment. You will see consumerism as the source of true happiness. So why you want to rebel against the Elites who make it all possible? You won’t. So why reject the notion of that there’s no blindfold over your eyes? You can’t.

Since Fiat-created currencies and their various offshoots have no real-world value. It means they are useless outside the banking system. As long as we blindly accept what they say paper-money is worth. We will continue to be mindless slaves exchanging our Blood, Sweat and Tears for worthless paper to consume useless junk. We keep the blindfold on and remain dependent on Central Bankers and Governemtn Agencies to give us more lies and deception. To loving our manipulation at their hands to our great deteriment. The billionaire elites laugh and profit at our own expense.

The never-ending deception and manipulation of our own emotions, insecurities and failings being fuelled by our own carnal lusts, whims and desires continues to be constantly played upon by our governing Elite masters. We don’t see it for what it is because of our sad selfish, vain human nature. We see ourselves and others like us as being virtuous and our enemies as evil. Distractions from our enslavement to the system that’s in place delude us into seeing each other as the enemy whilst blindly ignoring the game of musical chairs our Elitist Masters are playing at our expense to hide themselves from view. We’ve come to love our slavery and to hate freedom from them. We believe the Elites that anything less than total obedience to the system is seen as oppressive.

But once we stop playing. The blindfold comes off. We see them as they are. We view them the way we should. We judge them for what they’ve done to us. We accept truth. We learn to love freedom and liberty over ease and comfort. We learn to hate endless pleasure for the sake of pleasure. As a result, we will learn to value ourselves and will learn to achieve a greater sense of true happiness.

Without our blind acceptance of what the Elites provide for us. We refuse to tolerate their lies and their deceit. We no longer allow deceptive and manipulative tactics to work on us. The Elites and all their cronies, allies, celebrities etc have NO POWER over us and they realise just how little they actually offer the world in terms of useful talent, skills, intelligence and creativity.

They will be no longer able to maintain their lofty position at the top of the pyramid. No longer able to convince us of their superiority, education or knowledge. It’ll be the end of them since they have no ability to project power without manipulation and deception. No real world wealth. No real world talents. No real world strength. Therefore they won’t be able to have any real world power.

The illusion they try to pull that we are weak, individually and collectedly and they are strong, individually and collectedly will no longer work.

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