Women so good…

I wouldn’t describe women as people since that makes them seem important.

I didn’t get to be where I am today by treating women with respect. I got to be so damn good because I trampled on women and rubbed their pretty faces in the dirt.

Women are mere toys to be disposed of when men get bored playing with them.

Every female death is a tragedy. Every male death is just another statistic.

Women have the world wrapped around their little finger. There’s nothing we can do but nod along and obey.

I know women want to ride me like they ride their favourite dildo.

I’ve got the greatest gift any women could ask for: My penis.

Women’s soccer I’m afraid is neither entertaining or profitable.

Women should look themselves in the mirror and repeat, “It’s not my fault I’m inferior. It’s nature’s fault.”

I noticed that women have 3 holes in their bodies. If they enter into deep water I’m worried they’re going to sink.

Any man that is deaf, blind and stupid then I’d recommend being married to an American woman since it’ll be martial bliss.

What’s a higher or more noble goal than curing all disease? Writing the greatest all female action movie of all time. On one hand curing all diseases will save billions of lives but writing the greatest female action movie of all time would allow the entire world to see how good women are. To see how much women can excel and succeed in just a mere two hours of action and plot sequences. Surely that has to be the most noble goal of all time.

As a woman how ’bout I get you excited and rock hard? Then I’ll cut your dick off, nail it to a wall then force you to blow it. Then you’ll think twice before sexually harassing me.

I typed ‘stupid cow blowing donkey dick‘ into google and the only result I got was Taylor Swift.

I don’t create dumb women. That’s feminism’s job.

Feminists aren’t oppressed by patriarchy, capitalism or a culture of misogyny. They’ll actually only oppressed by their own delusional thoughts.

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