Conversations with Women…

Some times I hang around bars and clubs looking for women to chat up. Things can go well for me or they can go terribly pear-shaped.

Woman: Hi. You look cute. Can you buy me a drink?

PoisonEQ: Why stop there? Why not ask me to buy you a diamond necklace and a ferrari?

Woman: Stop being sarcastic…

PoisonEQ: From this point onwards I’ll be known as Satire.

Woman: Forget it.

PoisonEQ: Forget what?

Woman: Nothing.

PoisonEQ: Never met him.

Woman: (sarcastic) Ha! Ha! Very funny.

PoisonEQ: What is?

Woman: (rolling eyes) Nothing.

PoisonEQ: Why is he here? Can I meet him? He seems like a funny fellow. I don’t think I’ve met him before but if I have I’ve probably forgotten.

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